Craft Cocktails

Our craft cocktails, are conceived and designed around the needs of  you and your guests.


Sourcing only fresh, sustainable, healthy ingredients. All Juices, syrups, tinctures and other craft items are handmade. Focusing on the ‘ultra premium’ category of spirits, and combing then with our craft cocktail ingredients, provides an overall elevated guest experience.


All drinks are of original design by DNA Drink Solutions.

Zero Proof Cocktails

One of the fastest growing and in demand cocktail categories, zero proof cocktails have established themselves as a healthy, fun alternative to those who choose to abstain or cannot safely consume alcohol.


Recognized as one of the pioneers and early promoters of the temperance cocktail movement, let’s us provide you with a culinary driven cocktail experience, exploring fresh, fun, and unique flavors from around the globe. 

Canna Cocktails

DNA Drink Solutions is the proud creator of ‘dope.cocktails’. A healthy and innovative drinks concept using the addition of THC, CBD and Strain specific terpenes . Focusing on health and wellness, these cocktails are designed using low sugar, and on trend items such as; kombucha, cold brew, shrubs, essential oils, vegan options, and more.


All drinks are dosed within government guidelines. Offering a new category that serves as an ‘in between’ a craft and zero proof cocktail. 

Molecular Cocktails

Molecular mixology is the combination  of ‘science’ and the art of mixology. Offering options that are sure to wow your guests. Utilizing items such as, liquid nitrogen, dry ice, fire, alginates, foams, hydrocolloids, and more. These cocktail offer a unique experience into something a little different.


This is where the “magic” happens.

Wine Tastings


Providing an opportunity to be guided through an adventure of history, geography, terroir, regions and veritals. Whether it is staff education, personal interest, team building or just a fun evening with friends. Allow us to transport you on a ‘viniculture adventure’ without leaving your seat.


At DNA Drink Solutions we believe “in vino veritas”. 


Corporate Events

We take great pride in our ability to scale and execute top level corporate events. With a strong foundation in attention to detail, large format groups, cleanliness, organization, custom branding, product awareness and so on.


We have strong relationships with some of the most recognized brands on the market, offering solutions to all of the beverage needs. 

Private Events

We are solutions based drinks company created to execute, any and all liquids that drinks.


Our motto is “only solutions”, and live by that. If you have a drinks problem, allow us to assist you with the solution.


With focus on weddings, birthdays and other celebratory events, we are available to provide your guests with an over all “ultra premium” experience.

Hospitality Management

With extensive experience and training in hospitality management, we offer an opportunity for new or growing businesses trying to break into the cocktail world.


Custom menus, employee  handbooks, trainings, systems and protocols.


Offering solutions for any and all hospitality based businesses.