Ghost bartending is a fresh, innovative Ready to Drink “RTD” cocktail bottling program designed to help owners and operators within the restaurant industry adjust to the current climate brought on by the COVID-19 economic shutdown.

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DNA Drink Solutions will do ALL the work for you. Bottles, child safety lids, tamper proof seals, original recipe design, cost of goods, custom designed labels, and standard operating procedures.

All alcohol products are purchased on the operating venues LCBO licensee number.

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Ready to Drink

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Activation Package:

  • Up to 2 original designed “Ready to drink” (RTD) cocktail recipes

  • Alcohol, juices, syrups and all materials needed for RTDs

  • All bottles, lids, seals

  • 4 cases x 12 250ml RTD Cocktails, or 2 Cases x 12 750ml RTD Cocktails

  • Recipe specs and costing

  • Labels and Custom design

  • SOPs attached to program

  • Utilize DNA’s Social Media to promote your involvement in the program



The Re-up Package

  • Continuous support, refilling, sourcing, batching RTD cocktails from DNA Drink Solutions

  • 4 cases x 12 250ml, or 2 cases x 12 750ml

  • Includes all of materials needed to keep the program going

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